Born in Bordeaux, in 1964, Olivier Garbay lives and works in London. Trained at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, and has gone on to exhibit internationally as a poet and an artist. He has also gained experience working in fashion, as well as art direction and curatorial spheres. He curated the Freedom gallery shows introducing Alex Johnson, presenting Pierre et Gilles, as well as creating bespoke murals for absolute Vodka.

Previous solo exhibitions include Welcome In A World Of Difference, Freedom, London, 1996; Ramification, The Pinael Eye, London, 1999 and Nature, Concrete Space, Hayward Gallery, London, 2008. Recent group exhibitions include Venice, Toulouse, Barcelona, Malmö, 2007-8 ; RU(techne)TH(episteme)8, 2008; A Tightrope Act with the London Art Exchange/Black Maria Richard Wentworth Kings Cross 2013.

Recently he has published the following: Eat Dog, 1999; Like sherry on the cake in Yoko by Don Brown, Sadie Coles HQ, Koening books, London, 2005; God is Dad, 2005; For the love of you, I’ve known caves. in The William Blake Birthday Book published by Bow of Burning Gold, Bath, 2007; Utopia, in Stimulus/respond numero2, 2007; DyNAsty 2008 in Under/current , September 2008; IT, Christian Egger magazine Princess lulu, December 2008; The Mug, with Sarah Lucas and Other Criteria, 2009.

He has since presented his work internationally (pictures, paintings, sculptures) with such group shows as the Hamsterwheel (2007), Soufflé (2007), LucasBoschGelatin (2011), Game On (2012).

“A ripped street poster, some spillage on the pavement and their accidental compositions. The colours and textures themselves. Calling out to be selected and become here a tummy there a bum, here a mmm there a hum, here a landscape there an escape, give and take here’s a cake. Each of them clearly calling out to express their potential, to represent their personality, to shine through their own desire of association with this specific other colour and touch.” – Olivier Garbay.

Garbays’ most recent work include Gloria, And God Created Hot Pants, Precious Precariart, OCL12, Rose, Touché, Just Call Me Joe….

For the show NOW SHOW ME YOURS 2011

For the show NOW SHOW ME YOURS 2011



From a reading tour TINTIN AND THE SERPENT for Nairy and Phyllida's show, Serpentine Gallery 2009

From a reading tour TINTIN AND THE SERPENT for Nairy and Phyllida’s show, Serpentine Gallery 2009